Little Lords

I thought it would be cool to do a wee write up every now and again about some of our wicked suppliers!

I have been blown away at how cool these people are, and how much support a lot of them give me!  Particularly because I'm new to this industry. 

While I've owned other small business', I have to say, this industry is very very different.  I've learnt a whole lot since taking over Jaxon Rose five months ago, and a lot of it I couldn't have learnt without some of these awesome people I've met!

First up, I wanted to do a bit about Tash from Little Lords.  She's AMAZING and has been a huge support to me so far!  Not to mention, her clothes are pretty epic (and just wait till you see next season!!!!)

Little Lords was established in 2013 after the birth Tash's son Eddi. Tash wanted to create a brand their reflects her love of edgy kids threads. Tash's designs  are inspired by things her family love… family, music, movies, people, places and just cool stuff that makes them smile. 

Little Lords love to support local as much they possibly can. They use local staff and all of their printing is done by a local Perth family business. Where products are manufactured overseas take care in ensuring they are produced in legal, ethical & responsible factories.

Thank you Tash for all your message of support so far!  We can't wait to see our relationship blossom even more over the years to come!

By the way, this seasons Little Lords is on sale now, so check it out.


Kylie x

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