About Us!

We have had Jaxon Rose for nearly six months! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind! SO we thought we should probably introduce ourselves a wee bit better!

We (Nick and Kylie) decided to buy this business because we were some of its biggest customers. We loved Jaxon Rose because it had good quality clothing for reasonable prices. We always found these clothes could be passed through the kids, and wouldn’t wear out like clothes from other stores we brought from.

Nick is an electrician most of the time and really got roped into this business because he’s amazing and supports all my crazy ideas! He built the shop that we have in Wellington and he even works in store on a Saturday morning while I’m getting kids to sport (or working in our other business).

I (Kylie) am a hairdresser by trade and I still work on the floor three days a week (something I could never give up, because I LOVE it!). We have two salons in Wellington (soon to be three), so I run those as well as the background stuff for Jaxon Rose. Ive always been really into fashion and so when we had the kids it made sense I inflicted that on them too! So I’ve always had a passion for kids clothes. I always knew I’d end up in this industry as well as hairdressing, I just wasn’t quite sure how or when. When Jaxon Rose came up for sale I knew we had to nab it!! I love working in the store and meeting everyone (I’m in there 3 days a week), and have loved meeting people online through the store.

We have three beautiful children (as most of you will see on social media). Lexie who’s nine, Sadie who’s eight and Mac who’s two! They keep us on our toes (Mac mostly lol), and they are really involved in our business’. The girls come and work in the shop and help barcode and hang things, and Mac, well, he tries to help, but he mostly tells customers which clothes they should buy based on what he and his sisters wear!

My Mum (Donna) also works in the store three days a week. So it’s a real family affair! My mum gave up her job when I had Lexie, so provided us with childcare for the last nine years. We figured, the least we could do is buy a business that she could work in!!

Hopefully that’s gives you a wee bit on insight into us!

Thanks everyone for all of your continued support!  We really appreciate you all choosing to back us! 


Kylie, Nick, Lexie, Sadie and Mac xx

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